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FreeStyle Linear Drains

The FreeStyle Linear Drain uses a single slope which allows the use of larger format tile. This provides significant design flexibility. This drain can also be installed at the exit of the shower for barrier-free showers.

The FreeStyle Linear Drain is the only linear drain on the market that employs a membrane clamping mechanism. This mechanical connection provides the most reliable, secure, watertight connection of the waterproofing membrane to the drain. All styles are 16 gauge 316 stainless steel and meets ASME and CSA standards of 300lb load centered on a 2" diameter plate.

Features & Benefits

  • Single slope to drain allows the use of larger tiles and greater design flexibility
  • Low profile and high capacity drainage make it ideal for barrier free applications
  • Membrane clamping mechanism assures a watertight seal with the waterproofing membrane
  • Waste pipe solvent welded into the drain for a watertight connection
  • Incorporate NobleSeal┬« for the most dependable waterproofing system available
  • One-Piece PVC or ABS construction ensures dependable performance with no manufactured seams
  • Contemporary styling with a selection of 7 drain lengths and four brushed stainless steel or tile top strainer styles
  • Save time - quick and easy installation
  • 7 lengths and 5 strainer styles available
  • Custom sizes available for quantities of 50 or more